Vinyl Color Charts

3M Vinyl Color Chart

- Premium 3M (Wet Install)
- Premium Plus+ 3M 1080 (Dry Install)

Avery Vinyl Color Chart

- Premium Avery (Wet Install)
- Premium Plus+ Avery Supreme Wrap 900 (Dry Install)

3M Color Charts

Information about 3M and Avery cast vinyl films

  • These striping graphics are produced in thicknesses of 2-mil to 3.5-mil High Performance Graphic Decal Films, and come with either a Premium 1 Year Warranty or a full Premium Plus+ 3 Year Warranty on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The manufacturer year ratings are the maximum life expectancy of the vinyl, so be sure to read all vinyl care tips associated with the particular vinyl purchased to get the most life out of your vinyl decal investment!

    We offer vinyl vehicle specific racing and rally striping in two grades of cast vinyl, "Premium" wet installation vinyl and "Premium Plus+" dry installation vinyl, which allows for superior durability, stability and conformability to the vehicles painted surface. Both types of vinyl are the highest quality available for custom vinyl graphics and meet factory OEM standards, however both the wet install and dry install have their particular advantages, mostly in terms of installation ease. Our "Premium" 3M and Avery Dennison high performance 2 mil cast vinyl stripes feature permanent, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive, to be installed with the "wet" method. Our "Premium Plus+" 3M 1080 and Avery Supreme Wrap ASW cast vinyl films should be installed using a "dry" method, and the air release striping technology allows for re-positioning of the vinyl decal kit until pressure is applied with the installation tool. Doing this allows the installer to make small adjustments during the installation of these vinyl graphic packages.

    Our "Premium Plus+" vinyl graphics used in the production of our accent striping, decal packages, and vehicle specific vinyl graphic line, can come with material in either 3M 1080 Wrap Series or Avery Supreme Wrap "ASW" Series vinyl. These materials offer wonderful conformability with superior UV protection, and have a 3 year manufacturers warranty on vertical and horizontal installations.

    Both our Premium and Premium Plus+ cast vinyl materials are modern, high-tech, durable, and come with a patented, long term removable acrylic adhesive, with weather resistance manufactured into the vinyl. We do recommend following all manufacturers care tips to get the most life out of your new vinyl graphics. Please see more information on the 3M and Avery Dennison websites, and also check out our AutoMotorStripes "how-to" installation links for more information. Now you can look like a professional by choosing only professional grade "Premium" or "Premium Plus+" vinyl graphic films!